Thursday, July 21, 2011


Even ants know the universal gesture for hitchhiking! 

This week's Illustration Friday is a very quick sketch since I've been busy teaching my cartoon workshop.  I drew it in pencil and then quickly painted it in Photoshop using CMYK mode.  I have to say, for me, the main difference between CMYK and RGB modes is that CMYK seems to have duller saturation.  You have to work harder to make things seem highlighted or rim-lighted.  I'm glad I'm revisiting the mode before starting my illustration work :)

In other news, Agent Robo Dumpty has progressed to ink work:
I taught kids how to achieve different types of textures and line weights with ink today, so I thought I'd use Agent Robo Dumpty as an example.  They actually helped a lot with her design. . .such as the crack in the wall and the industrial city in the background (I had a castle there before).

Next steps in the workshop. . color and then blogs!  I'm looking forward to sharing the kids' blogs with you all. . .but you'll have to wait until next week ;)

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