Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I got inspiration from Shaun the Sheep for this illustration.  He's a wooly character that has garnered much admiration from children around the world.

I actually made this drawing for a friend's personal project.  She created an app to play the card game Sheep's Head and needed some artwork.  Here's the final card:
In case you would like to color your own little sheep, here's a free coloring page:
I decided to include the textured paper since it will add dimension to the background that you create.  Use your imagination!  Where else could this sheep be hanging out?  With a flock of farm animals?  In a city?  In space?  Feel free to email me with your creations :).


  1. Cute! He has those same "I'm up to something" eye's, Shaun the Sheep has!!

    1. Hehe thanks! Maybe that's why the kids love him so much :)