Thursday, February 9, 2012


oooh. . the suspense must be killing you.  What is the pigship waiting for?  What is it doing at the farm?  All will be revealed in our Illopond Space Anthology. .coming soon!

I had so much fun painting this story and am a little sad to let it go.  However, I've got plenty more to work on now.  This includes a story about Taiwanese night markets and the picture book I've been hired to illustrate.  I hope to be able to share bits of both next month.

Until then. . for you picture book writers/illustrators out there: 

If you're feeling stuck/stressed, be kind to your muse and let things marinate. Amazing things can happen when you leave your stories alone for awhile, and then come back to them with a fresh eye/new perspective.  

For more advice, check out Sean Ashby's (aka Ingvard the Terrible) series about the creative process.

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