Saturday, March 17, 2012


I've been blogging up a storm!  I just couldn't resist.  St. Patrick's Day + this week's Illustration Friday ("shades") = awesome accessory.

Oh, and it comes with a free coloring page:

I'll be MIA while I'm in Disney World so I hope this is enough to tide you over until I'm back :).  

Friday, March 16, 2012

Blogger Awards!

As mentioned before, my fellow writing friend Cynthia gave me a few Blogger award.  Woo hoo!

Because I'm finally getting over that nasty nasty flu, I can now share with you 7 interesting facts about myself.  Here goes:

1.  I have a very deep and very serious crush on Thomas Jefferson.  I refer to him as "TJ" and for awhile, I carried around a pen that would let you click through the Declaration of Independence.  If you'd like to get me an early birthday present, I have a few items from the Monticello Gift Collection on my Amazon wish list.  

2.  I used to draw on EVERYTHING.  I mean everything. . .my family's old home is still riddled with scribbles that can be found inside closet doors, under tables, on top of plates, behind furniture, etc.  My mother calls them "souvenirs" lol.

3. I once thought that I spoke to Yoko Ono on the phone as part of her art exhibit.  Turns out I was wrong, but it still makes a great story ;)

4.  I used to be a hard core World of Warcraft player.  When I stopped playing, I had a level 80 mage gnome and owned over 100 pets and over 100 mounts.  I was an officer in my guild called Tiny Tyrants, which had a strict height requirement (gnomes and dwarves only).  Don't believe me?  Here's our website and here's my avatar:
Her name was Frostbitten.  She was awesome.
5.  I play the ukulele.

6.  I like visiting weird museums. . these have included the PEZ museum in Burlingame, CA; the history of toys museum in London, and the museum about the world's biggest ball of string made by ONE man in Darwin, Minnesota.

7.  I'm turning 30 in about a week. . and I plan on doing so at the happiest place on earth: Disney World :D.

I guess it's time to tag a few people, but I sort of want it to be on a voluntary basis only. . .so if you enjoyed this blog entry and would like to share a few interesting facts about yourself as well, I also gift you with these blogger awards!

Just write a similar blog entry and link it in the comments section below so I know about it :).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I have yielded to a killer flu that attacked my body last weekend.  The evidence:  piles of Kleenex, leftover mugs of tea, a list of cancelled plans, and vague memories of extremely bad television.  Here's hoping that waving the white flag (aka crumpled tissue), will help the recovery process along.

Good news: my fellow writer Cynthia just gave me my first blogger award :D  I have been tasked with revealing personal deep dark secrets to you all. . of which I have many.  I shall do so promptly when the flu no longer makes things foggy and oddly topsy-turvy.

Until then, let me know if there are any requests for the "type" of secrets I reveal. . .favorite reality TV shows?  most embarrassing moment?  teen girl crushes?  things I do when I know ABSOLUTELY no one's watching?

Guess you'll just have to wait until next week to find out.

Just looked at the award more closely. . apparently, I just need to share seven "interesting" facts about me. Well then. . that makes things a little less. . interesting.  Can you tell that being sick makes me talk funny?

*Second Update
 Oops!  Forgot to include a FREE coloring page for all other sick kiddos like me.  So if you're having a cold or flu or are just feeling blue, just color this and make those blues go away: