Tuesday, August 21, 2012


One of the greatest rewards of teaching is when students find their own special way to show their appreciation.  On my last day of teaching at Sacred Heart's Sophie Scholars summer program, one of my students gave me a Pudgy Puppy Zombie Dog doll that she had spent weeks hand-sewing.  My heart instantly melted.

As a reminder, here's the original Pudgy Puppy Zombie Dog:
I showed kids the process I used to create Pudgy Puppy to teach them the basics of cartoon design.  I think my student did a pretty good job at replicating him don't you think? ;) 

Monday, August 13, 2012


You might freeze while belly sliding through snow, but racing penguins looove it. . .especially because they get to fart snowflakes! 

I designed this logo for my boyfriend's 24 Hours of Lemons team, since their theme is "arctic explorers."  I'll also be painting a belly sliding penguin on the side of their car. . .woo hoo :)

In case you want to color your own snowflake farting, belly sliding, racing penguin, here's a free coloring page:
Sorry for the long absence from blogland.  I'm about to wrap up my last week of workshops at Sacred Heart Atherton before going on a few personal trips to LA and then Burning Man (yikes).  I'll try to put in another post somewhere in there but no promises!