Thursday, February 28, 2013

whisper + GIVEAWAY!

The sisters are back again!  And although they're older, it looks like the eldest is still up to no good. . .whispering scandalous secrets in her little sister's ear.

What could the secret be?  Here's your chance to let your imagination run wild:

Also, I'm announcing my first GIVEAWAY!!  Would you like to have your very own Hipster Bunny magnet?
If you do, just leave a comment describing what youthink Hipster Bunny will be doing for Easter this year.  The deadline is Monday, March 11th, 12pm PST.  I'll reveal the winner in my next entry.  Good luck folks :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I got inspiration from Shaun the Sheep for this illustration.  He's a wooly character that has garnered much admiration from children around the world.

I actually made this drawing for a friend's personal project.  She created an app to play the card game Sheep's Head and needed some artwork.  Here's the final card:
In case you would like to color your own little sheep, here's a free coloring page:
I decided to include the textured paper since it will add dimension to the background that you create.  Use your imagination!  Where else could this sheep be hanging out?  With a flock of farm animals?  In a city?  In space?  Feel free to email me with your creations :).

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Here are two sisters with very different reactions to an oncoming storm.  You might recall this pair from a previous illustration.  I have at least another scenario for the duo to play out which, of course, involves food lol.

Here's a coloring page. . .feel free to use your imagination and draw what the sisters could be staring at through the window:
Also, Happy Valentine's Day :).  Here are two coloring pages that fit the holiday quite nicely as well:

Hope you have fun with friends and loved ones today!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


When he's not riding a narwhal, hipster bunny's choice of transportation is on the sweet sweet wheels of his vintage penny-farthing.  This pairs well with his ironic Monopoly outfit.

Where else would hipster bunny ride his penny-farthing?  Here's a coloring page so you can explore a few other settings :).