Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I just spent a wonderful weekend playing board games at a friend's family cabin and there was a charming gnome chilling outside the entrance.  I decided to reinterpret him for Illustration Friday's "carry." I figured blueberries would be the perfect thing to carry for the summer season :)

I went for a less saturated look and I think I may have gone too far. . but hey, that's part of the exploration process right?  And here's another free coloring page, so you can try out your own color combinations!
I'm not sure when my next entry will be.  I'm in the middle of teaching cartoon workshops again to some very bright and talented kids.  You may remember the results from last year here.

Also, I'm excited to announce that I'll be giving a talk about my picture book A Moment in Time at Book Passage on Saturday, December 8, 11am.  I'll be talking about turning moments into memories and memories into universal stories (through pictures and words).  I hope to see you there! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Long time no bunny!  For July 4th, Hipster Bunny takes a refreshing dip in the pool. . with old school swim swag (uppity English rubber ducky included lol).

As always, hipster bunny comes with. . a free coloring page!
Also, don't forget that my picture book is now for sale at my Etsy shop.  Just click on either image below to purchase a copy :).
It will look so pretty on your book shelf!
And it comes with a personalized doodle from yours truly!
Until next time folks, Happy Independence Day. . .I'll be celebrating with the powerful combination of family + friends + fireworks!