Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Agent Robo Dumpty is hoping that staying verrrrrry still might just prevent another accident.  Here's hoping it works!  I drew her on my iPad with a new stylus and ended up with some interesting strokes.

I've been working on this character while showing kids in my workshop how to develop the face & personality of cartoons.  It's been quite fun!

You might remember a version of this egg that I did a while back:
I think the new character has a lot more depth and expression than the old one.  Maybe the robotic parts helped a bit ;)  Wait until you hear about the characters my students have created though. . .I think there are 2 zombies, a vampire, a secret spy, an evil frog, and oh yeah, a piece of superhero toast hehe.  Can't wait to see what else develops during the next week or so.


  1. Yay for your own URL! Finally!

  2. haha Jon. I guess I'm almost as cool as you now ;)

  3. Thanks Amy! I still owe you a picture of baby captain hammer. . . waiting for a proper Illustration Friday word to share the drawing here ;)