Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I feel like silence definitely plays a huge role in a mime's performance. . it makes you focus more on his/her actions.  This is probably going to be a popular topic for Illustration Friday's "silent", but hey. . .I've always wanted to draw a mime :)

In other news, I've been working on my story "Attack of the Space Chickens" for the picture book class and have pretty much figured out the layout.  Through the process of planning out my pages, I learned so much about the design of a picture book.  Some of these lessons include:

--You can use the gutter (that's the fold in the center of the book) to your advantage by emphasizing the division of two groups.  Here's a great example from Wave by Suzy Lee
Notice how the girl and the waves are separated by the gutter, acting as a natural divide.

--Avoid having two full page illustrations side by side, because they end up competing for attention.  Instead, make one illustration the primary focus (i.e. the full page image) and break down the other into  "spot" illustrations (i.e. smaller drawings on white space).  See if you can spot where I use this principle in my "Attack of the Space Chickens" layout.

Next step: turn two spreads into full illustrations *gulp*  Wish me luck ;)


  1. hehe this is really great i love the character :D

  2. Great style! Is it pastels? You got such nice rich colors. Great hat! So cool about learning to design a children's book, too.

  3. Nice comments on silence. Looking forward to seeing your illustrations next week!

  4. Thanks Sansu! See you in class soon :)