Saturday, December 10, 2011


Cats are sneaky. . .I've always been on my guard around them. . and here's a reason why!  The poor snowman got separated from his own body :(

And here's another coloring holiday treat:
Feel free to share your masterpieces in the comments section!

As for picture books, here are a few very helpful resources:
--Picture This:  a blog created by a group of well known and respected illustrators in the industry.  It's always chock full of recent picture book news.
--Love Sketch Books:  this is a blog started by my talented classmate Sungyeon.  The blog showcases gorgeous picture books from all over the world. 

So tip of the day: peruse these blogs and get inspired!


  1. Great picture! Like the way you portrayed The playfulness of the cat and the very disappointed look on the snowman's face:)

  2. love it.. very funny. Cats are pesky

  3. This is Sungyeon. :)
    Thank you for introducing Love Sketch Books blog.
    Your idea is so fresh ,cute ,funny and sweet.
    I like the scarf is holding Snowman's head. The cat's eyebrow shape is brilliant ! Happy holidays!

  4. This is very cute! I like the mischevious cat's expression!

  5. Thanks for the kind comments everyone! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season :)