Thursday, March 21, 2013

eye glasses

Each pair of hipster bunny's eye glasses comes with a different personality.  Hence, he looks different in the mirror every day.  You see, that's how hipster bunny stays ahead of the trend!

I ended up creating this illustration during four days of jury duty lol.  It was my first time as a juror and I'm glad I went through the experience!  I just wish I got a sticker at the end of the process, much like we do after voting.  I think that would encourage more people to participate because I'm a firm believer of positive reinforcement ;).

And in case you want to try your hand at coloring the different personalities of hipster bunny, here's a free coloring page:
I included the textured background because I think it really adds to the vintage mirror look.  Enjoy!


  1. Very very cool Mr Hipster Bunny!! Great idea and fun illustration!!!

  2. These bunnies are hilarious! Great job with all the clothes and accessories! Hipster bunny is all set with many alter-egos. :D

    1. Thanks Cindy! Yes hipster bunny never seems to run out of egos to explore :)